Here is just some of the facebook feedback we have received from our clients.

Tracey Green reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Two years ago with two young ponies, two young riders with autism and two parents that are ‘not horsey!’ (we like to do things in two’s!) Laura took us under her wing. There are not many people that would have done this but Laura didn’t bat an eyelid and from day one has gone above and beyond to make this work for us all. The ponies benefit from regular schooling and ground work, the children have grown in confidence and are developing a beautiful bond with their ponies and our confidence and basic knowledge on how to look after them has been an integeral part of what Laura has taught. Laura’s calm and methodical approach with consistently high standards has meant that the children have been able to learn and develop with their ponies and overcome their anxiety, which has not been easy due to the additonal complexities that autism can bring.

So, if you have a ‘green’ pony, Laura is your lady. If you have children with disabiities / additional needs, Laura is also your lady and if, like us, you need a mentor to learn and build confidence, well what are you waiting for?!

There are not many people as genuine and commited to their trade as Laura, a true professional.

I can’t recommend this lady enough. Laura is a fantastic coach and person. Bit of a long story but I did the classic went to a riding school and thought I was the bees knees Thinking all horses was as easy to ride as them . I bought my own horse but that’s where it all went wrong lol. My boy had spirit and had me Off twice. I was so scared to even look at this horse never mind get on him. It was getting to the point where I put him up for sale. Luckily I found Laura. Thank god I did!! We’ve been having lessons with her and falling in love with my boy all over again. He’s absolutely perfect and yes we have lots of work to do but with Laura’s help and guidance we’ll succeed.

Louise Edwards reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Laura is one of the most knowledgeable, patient and experienced coaches I have ever come across. She doesn’t just get you on the horse, she checks your tack fits correctly, that the horse is sound, gets you positioned correctly and just takes the time to spend with you and understands your weaknesses. At 38yrs old it’s harder to take it all in compared to being a kid and when laura is running alongside you on your horse to keep you going is just above and beyond if you ask me. I wouldn’t go to any other coach. Laura is a super star #teamcoach #no1

Leah Elizabeth Wilson reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

It has been a privilege to have been coached by Laura. Never have I met someone so patient, so enthusiastic, so encouraging and so supportive. Not only does Laura give you the aids to be a better rider, she also explains the reasoning and the way in which every little think works; I believe these are qualities imperative to being the amazing instructor she is. From working alongside Laura, she also inspired me to begin coaching myself. I would often shadow her and ‘borrow’, with her permission of course, her ideas and teaching methods! Laura is a fab coach, a great friend and a true role model to young equestrians, such as myself!

Leila Elizabeth reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Had my first lesson with Laura this week. I haven’t had a lesson for about 10 years! We were coasting along, just enjoying hacking. This year I decided I wanted to be a better rider for mine and my horses sake!
I was really nervous but Laura immediately set me at ease. She takes everything back to basics, making minor adjustments in your position and to your aids that make a huge impact.
I could see the progress in one lesson in myself and my horse. I’m really looking forward to my next lesson!!

Laura is a fantastic knowledgable instructor and great with all ages and abilities, she is so patient and understanding whilst remaining professional. The trust Laura gains from her pupils really encourages and gets the best out of them and their ponies. Looking forward to lots more fun days and lessons when Emmie and Fairy are ready.

Laura has been coaching me for over 6 months now , her attitude is very positive and encouraging and I always feel motivated by Laura when having a lesson . The coaching has been right from ground work to gaining confidence on my own pony . Nothing is too much trouble for Laura to explain and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services . That is why I now consider Laura as a friend as well as my coach

Irene Day reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

If you are looking for a riding instructor who not only really knows her job and can adapt to any standard or age of rider, but also goes way beyond all expectations in order to help her clients, look no further. Laura has helped me so much from being an under-confident wreck to now looking ahead and planning my riding year. Without her support I would probably have given up riding. Instead, I’ve re-discovered my passion.

Amii Wheatcroft reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Highly recommend Laura! My daughter loves having lessons and her confidence is growing each week. Laura really does go above and beyond for her students

Joanna Hopkinson reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, she truly is my rock for everything equine, she really has a gift with both horses and people!

Estelle Bradley reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Laura is one of the most dedicated coaches I have met. She is very knowledgeable and sympathetic helping you work through your problems

Faye Lees reviewed Laura Bentley Equine Coach5 star

Laura is a awesome coach that teaches through fun. She is super helpful and deffo would recommend her to everyone who is looking for a coach

Laura has been teaching me for a few months now and i have accomplished things i never thought i could do so thank you

What an amazingly talented woman. Not many like her and extremely caring too. Would highly recommend her.